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Enhance your customers' experience

and eliminate last-minute cancellations

Plannest really changes personal trainers' lives.

Federica Campolmi

Your free schedule, bookable anytime

Your clients have real-time access to your schedule and can book their training sessions in just one click.

Private chat
for you and your client

A separate and professional communication environment to enhance the perception of your service.

Automatic training progress updates

Take your clients to the next level.

The app prompts your client every week for their workout progress. Respond directly via chat and witness the results!

Prevent last-minute cancellations

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Plannest acts as a virtual assistant, sending strategically timed automated messages to remind your clients of appointments.

Collect from those who do not have cash on them

Allow clients to pay in seconds, anywhere you are, without needing any POS. Get paid instantly, avoiding the need for unpleasant reminders.

How to get started?

Invite your customers in a click!

It's easy: open your account, so invite your clients to download their app to enter your restricted area. Share a simple link and you're ready to go!

Plannest is unprecedented

Free forever or Premium without compromises:
Chooice is yours.

Starter Plan


Automatic generation of an anti-discrimination contract with your clients

Hours of availability, bookable at any time

Follow-up system for more immediate feedback on their training

Integrated chat

Progress statistics

Upload training plans

Premium Plan

9,99€ /month

All the features of the starter plan

Collect penalties and lessons directly on Plannest

Notifications from the client's app for avoid Last Minute Cancellations 🛈

24/7 Dedicated Support

What our Personal Trainers say

Maria Cristina Marino

Simply and new!

Plannest is the platform that was missing for us personal trainers. It has proven to be very useful for managing my clients (appointments, payments and feedback always under control). It is very intuitive and easy to use, a digital diary of one's work! The entire work kept under control from one platform In addition, having an app entirely dedicated to clients has made them even more enthusiastic about their journey by being able to directly schedule appointments and put feedback on their training . It is really designed for the needs of us personal trainers and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Tommaso Ingrosso

Big up from my clients!

Optimal service for all-around client management, avoiding loss of time for booking and daily planning of coaching. Useful not only for the coach but also for clients who speed up booking arrangements by avoiding calls that the coach would be unlikely to answer during working hours.

Federica Campolmi

A great ally for my workouts!

Plannest is the appointment management app that revolutionizes the lives of personal trainers. With an intuitive interface, it simplifies scheduling, while its real-time cancellation management feature ensures stress-free flexibility. Automatic synchronization with the phone calendar and detailed client customization make it a comprehensive tool. Plannest is not just an app, but a reliable ally for personal trainers seeking a more efficient and organized way to manage their time and client relationships.

What Clients of our Personal Trainers say

Alessandra Guerreschi

Never been so organized!

The Plannest app, as the name suggests, is definitely the "smart" solution for those who are dedicated to or want to enter the world of personal training in a professional manner. In my case, it allows me to keep track of programming, progress, in a direct and constant relationship with my coach in an extremely smart way.

Francesco Martella

Always connected with my personal trainer

Plannest has significantly improved the way I manage my daily training. In a simple, but most importantly effective way, it has made direct contact with my coach fast by giving me the ability to share opinions, videos, and views on the plan from the training instantly.


What types of personal trainers can benefit from your service?

Our service is suitable for a wide range of personal training businesses, from individual professionals working in gyms and fitness centers to CrossFit coaches to yoga and martial arts experts. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, our service is designed to fit your needs.

How does the cash-out security system work?

Once a client has accepted the contract and provided credit card details, the scheduled amount for each appointment is automatically charged. In this way, personal trainers receive the agreed payment regardless of client cancellations.

Can I customize my cancellation policy?

Absolutely. In our service, you can set penalty-free cancellation windows by specifying the days and times by which clients can cancel appointments without incurring additional costs. You can configure your policy according to your preferences and the needs of your business at any time, and we'll take care of your clients to update them in real time via push notification on app.

How can I track my clients' progress?

Our platform offers a follow-up system that allows you to send notifications to clients after each training session. Clients will be invited to provide feedback on their workout progress, upload photos or videos, and communicate with you directly through the app. This allows you to monitor progress and customize workout programs effectively.

What is the ease of use of the service?

Our service is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Simply register, set your preferences, add clients to your dashboard, and start taking advantage of the various features offered. We have created a user-friendly interface to make the experience as easy as possible.

What happens if a customer cancels late?

In the event that a client cancels an appointment late and the cancellation policy includes a penalty, our system will automatically proceed to ask you for authorization to withdraw the amount corresponding to the penalty from the previously registered payment method.

What should I do if my client prefers to pay in cash or other ways?

If a customer prefers to pay by cash or other methods, you can handle payment outside of our system. Simply communicate with the customer and agree on the payment method that best suits their needs.

You train. Plannest takes care of the rest.

Enhance your customers' experience, save time, prevent cancellations.